Human Givens

An immediate, solution-focused approach to therapy which is offered in and around the outskirts of Ipswich in Suffolk. This therapy uses the scientifically proven Human Givens techniques which incorporate the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience.

This therapy will help provide quick relief from emotional distress and will focus on looking to the future, rather than concentrating on, and being stuck in, what went wrong in the past.

Using a practical framework for achieving emotional health and clear thinking, we will explore the recipe for your own wellbeing.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the aim is to help clients make significant progress and lasting improvements with their mental health in as few sessions as possible. Here are some of the ways that Insight2 Mental Health can help.

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About Human Givens

The Human Givens are the needs and resources that we are all born with. They include our essential biological and emotional needs and all the innate resources that have evolved in humans to help us fulfil these needs. Using our innate resources properly to get our needs met allows us to thrive rather than just survive.

Any one of us can find ourselves emotionally distressed if our essential needs are not being met and/or the innate resources we possess have been damaged or are being misused.

With the right professional help, it is possible for you to overcome emotional difficulties and get your life working again – quickly – without the need to unduly dwell on the past.

All of us have the ability to heal given the right type of help. Human Givens thearpists are trained to deal effectively and quickly with all types of mental distress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Human Givens Therapy?

Human Givens therapy is effective because it draws on the findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function and on international research studies that have established which counselling techniques are most effective.

Time won’t be wasted endlessly asking you to go over and analyse the past, or attempt to dredge up real or imagined miserable memories. Research now shows that this tends to confuse and upset vulnerable people. However, your story will be listened to non-judgementally to understand what has happened and what you want to change. You will be offered practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now.

How soon will I begin to feel better?

The aim is always to help you start feeling better from your very first session. Sometimes just telling someone how difficult things have been can provide an immediate sense of relief, and most people find that within a few sessions they have been able to notice improvements and changes, as they deal with past difficulties and learn new strategies for managing their lives.

Where are you based?

I run my therapy sessions from a discrete, calm, and confidential location in Claydon, near Ipswich. On-site parking is available.

How much does each session cost?

I charge my time at £65 per session.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

The aim is to help you feel as comfortable as possible from the very first session. It can take real courage to come and talk to someone you haven’t met before.

In your first session, you will be asked to complete one or two forms and we will discuss session confidentiality.

We will then want to find out what has brought you to therapy and you will be able to explain what you would like to change or be able to manage better.

The aim is to give you some helpful explanations about why you may be feeling the way you are, and you will be taught some simple relaxation techniques to help you feel calmer straight away so that you can begin to think more clearly and work out how to feel more in control. We will work out what strategies to use to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible and will often agree on the first steps you can take after this session to make a difference to how you feel and how you are coping.

Will everything I talk about be kept confidential?

Complete confidentiality will be maintained at all times, unless there is significant risk of harm to yourself or others.

How long is each session?

All sessions are for one hour, apart from the first session which can last up to 90 minutes.

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